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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

-Leonardo da Vinci

Liz Bottrell is a documentary photographer based in Los Angeles, California with wide interests and passions, who doesn't like being limited. This is true for her life, in general, as well as her photography. She likes applies her documentary-style approach to all kinds of photography. Her minimalist approach leads her to shoot in natural light and, often, outdoors. She seeks to limit her interference with her environment, choosing to let things unfold naturally, searching out and capturing the grace & artistry that each moment holds.

Her ability to operate in this way, manifests in her comfort shooting in diverse settings with a variety of purposes and final results. Following a family around as they play at a park or their home is far more rewarding for her than working in a studio with artificial light & posing her clients. She enjoys the challenges of photography in authentic settings. The same is true for head shots - she is equally at home shooting in an urban setting, in a park, or in the mountains. Adapting to the uniqueness of her clients, makes it more fun!

Her active lifestyle and love for the outdoors and travel has allowed her to establish a large catalog of nature, landscape, and travel prints that she can't wait to share with the world. She finds it such an honor when someone wants an image of hers to adorn his/her wall. What a privilege it is for her to reflect God's creation with her images. She is continually inspired by natural beauty of the physical world and the people that inhabit it; and she is always ready for the next adventure.

Liz first decided she wanted photography to be a part of her life, when someone gave her a picture of her doing what she loved. At the time, she was a teenager and captain of her high school soccer team. In spite of all the hours playing soccer, she did not have a single picture of herself in action. That changed with a teammates dad with a nice SLR camera gave her action shots from her playing in a game. Liz was so moved by this gift and experienced the power of a simple image - she realized what a gift it could be for someone, just as it was for her. She decided that she wanted to do that for others. Shooting events has been a natural outflow from this experience. As much as possible, she endeavors to be the proverbial fly on a wall - albeit a fly with noteworthy photographic resources - in order to give people the amazing gift that she got in her youth.

She would love to start a conversation with you about how she can meet your photographic needs.

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